What Can You Do With a Doctorate in Education?


Earning yourself a Doctorate in Education (EdD) postgraduate degree can help prepare you to leave a lasting impact on your students and the future of college education, locally and abroad. You'll also be positioning yourself for career advancement. For instance, with an EdD, you are qualified to take up educational leadership roles and operate schools ranging from elementary school to college level.

An EdD will be the first vital signal to potential employers that you're an exceptional thought leader. Pursuing online EdD programs no GRE equips you with the skills to accurately identify a problem, examine issues from different perspectives, and offer the most relevant insights. This way, you can provide practical solutions that are easy to implement, making you fit to take up leadership roles across a broad spectrum of industries. If you're looking to pursue a doctorate in education degree, or even earn a phd in education online, here are some career options you can go for:

1. School Superintendent

As a superintendent, you'll usually be tasked with improving your school district's academic performance. You're also responsible for bringing onboard new teachers while ensuring they are fully certified and committed to fulfilling all the necessary education requirements. You'll also coordinate educational goals at the state and school board levels.

Depending on your school district size and student population, you may also work closely with your assistant superintendent. You'll play a significant role in designing the school curriculum, overseeing the effective management of school facilities, and the overall budgeting for your district. On certain occasions, you can be requested to serve as the district spokesperson and liaison between the school board and faculty. However, your compensation may vary depending on the school district's location and size.

2. Education professor

Another profession your EdD degree can qualify you for is an education professor. As an education professor, you can expect to work in a university or college, where you'll teach education theory to your students. You'll also assign relevant projects, develop semester-long plans, design and assign exams, and grade exam papers. You'll also be expected to allocate office hours to avail one-to-one coursework aid to your student. You also have a vocal role in the general administration and education program planning at the institution. Depending on your personal interests, you may participate in clubs available on campus.

3. Provost

An EdD degree can also enable you to become a provost or the vice president of a college or university. As a provost, you're a senior academic administrator, who is second only to the university or college president. You'll work closely with the respective department heads and deans towards fulfilling the institution's academic priorities and goals and allocating the necessary resources to initiatives. You will often oversee day-to-day operations and work towards hiring and retaining a well-balanced and diverse faculty. You're also required to submit regular reports to the university or college president.

4. Education Consultant

If you want to work independently, you may choose a career as an education consultant. As an education consultant, you can work as an independent contractor or under a consulting agency to help schools improve their education curriculum. You'll observe and evaluate the existing policies and curriculum and suggest ways to improve performance by devising an elaborate action plan. However, you may also be required to focus on a specific need, such as technology integration in classrooms or improving the school curriculum for students with special needs.


While there are numerous options for a graduate in education, earning a postgraduate doctorate can be extremely beneficial in advancing your career. Whether you need to take up a leadership position or continue with advanced teaching, a doctorate in education can help you achieve your career goals. Additionally, you can make a significant change in the lives of many students, organizations, and communities with your EdD.

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