English for talking about clothing: shirts

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Types of shirts

A. a tank top / a wifebeater ("Wifebeater" is a slang term for a white tank top for men that's meant to be worn under other clothes. It's called this because in the past it was stereotypically worn by rough guys who were violent toward their wives.)

B. a T-shirt / a tee

C. a sleeveless shirt

D. a tube top

E. a sports bra

F. a jersey

G. a V-neck shirt

H. a polo shirt

I. a Hawaiian shirt (In Hawaii itself, these are called Aloha shirts)

J. a blouse

K. a turtleneck

L. a flannel shirt (if it's made of a thick material) / a plaid shirt

M. a dress shirt

N. a sweatshirt (Ones with a piece that goes over your head are called hooded sweatshirts)

O. a tunic


Actions that you can do with (or without) a shirt

  • put on a shirt

    Put this on and see if it fits you.

  • wear a shirt

    He wears that shirt every day.

  • take your shirt off
  • change your shirt

    That shirt's dirty. Why don't you change it?

  • change into a shirt

    I'm going to change into my workout clothes.

  • change out of a shirt

    I always change out of my work uniform as soon as I get home.

  • roll up your sleeves
  • pop your collar (some people do this to look cool)
  • tuck in your shirt

    Hey, tuck your shirt in. It looks messy.

  • spill something on your shirt / spill something all down your shirt
  • iron your shirt
  • button up your shirt
  • unbutton your shirt

    Should I unbutton the top button, you think?

  • get your shirt dry cleaned
  • go shirtless (for men)

    It's funny how guys with big muscles seem to love to go shirtless in the summer.

  • go topless (for women)


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