The 11 best American English phrases to describe being drunk


For whatever reason, English speakers like to come up with creative ways to talk about being drunk. This is a review of some of the most common phrases.

Talk about someone who's a little drunk:

These are phrases to use for someone who's had a few drinks and has started to feel the effects:

I'm a little tipsy.

I was a bit buzzed.

Ithink he's had one too many.

Talk about someone who's very drunk

If someone gets very drunk, here are some casual phrases that you can use to describe their extreme drunkenness:

I was so wasted!

You're hammered.

She was blasted.

We used to get plastered before every game.

This one is very strong and inappropriate in some situations:

He was absolutely shit-faced.

Talk formally about someone who's drunk:

You can use these formal phrases in formal situations, or you can use them playfully in casual conversation:

Sir, are you intoxicated?

I was inebriated.

It is illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What about (some other phrase)?

There are a lot more phrases for talking about being drunk. In fact, there are new phrases being created every day. But these are ones that you're almost certain to hear if you drink with American English speakers.

British English speakers use some of the phrases above, plus they have even more interesting and colorful phrases. If you want to know more British English drinking slang, find your closest British pub and start up a conversation with someone!

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