“Ah, I see.”

English Lesson: Ah, I see.

You're being trained in how to use a computer program at work. You asked your coworker a question about the program. He answered, and now you understand. You respond to show that you get it now.

Ah, I see.

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I see.

Say this when someone has explained something new to you and you've understood it. For example:

A: There are twenty different species of snakes living on this island.

B: I see.

You can especially use "I see" when some information disappoints you:

A: Can I get two tickets to see "Much Ado About Nothing?"

B: Sorry, sir, we're sold out.

A: Ah, I see.


“Ah” is a sound English speakers make when they react to interesting new information, or information that they have been looking for. 

Ah, okay, he says it’s ten dollars.

If you’re stuck in traffic, and your friend is looking at the traffic app on her phone, she might say:

Ah, there’s an accident two miles ahead. 

We also say “ah” to note mild surprise:

Ah, they have my favorite chocolate!