“Ah, you got here on time for once!”

English Lesson: Ah, you got here on time for once!

Your coworker is usually late, and it makes you angry. Today he arrives right on time, but you still complain.

Ah, you got here on time for once!

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“Ah” is a sound English speakers make when they react to interesting new information, or information that they have been looking for. 

Ah, okay, he says it’s ten dollars.

If you’re stuck in traffic, and your friend is looking at the traffic app on her phone, she might say:

Ah, there’s an accident two miles ahead. 

We also say “ah” to note mild surprise:

Ah, they have my favorite chocolate!

get (to somewhere)

To “get” to a place means to arrive.

Call me when you get to the lobby.

It takes an hour just to get to the airport.

What time did you get home?

(something happened) for once

We use “for once” to say that something almost never happens-- or literally, that this is the one time it has happened.   

I found a good parking spot, for once.

We usually use it to complain, because we think something should happen more often. It’s often an exaggeration, as well-- it’s probably not the only time something has happened.

He cleaned his dishes, for once.

I got up on time for once.