“Aw, look at the baby holding her stuffed bunny!”

English Lesson: Aw, look at the baby holding her stuffed bunny!

Your cousin posted a video of her family at home. you're watching it with your husband. Your cousin's baby is holding a toy, and you think it's really cute. You say this.

Aw, look at the baby holding her stuffed bunny!

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This is a sound that people make when they see something really cute. People especially say "Aw!" when they see cute babies or cute animals. Children and women use "Aw!" more than adult men.

This is a little different from "Aw" as it's used in this lesson:

Aw, you're just saying that!

Look at (someone)(doing something)

The sentence above, "Look at the baby holding her stuffed bunny", means "Look at the baby, who is holding her stuffed bunny." Here's another example of this pattern:

Look at Brenda dancing with that guy from Sweden we were talking to earlier.

a stuffed animal

"Stuffed animals" are soft toys that look like animals. Teddy bears are the most popular kind of stuffed animal, but stuffed bunnies are probably the second most popular.

a bunny

A "bunny" is a rabbit. The word "rabbit" is normal-sounding, while "bunny" sounds cuter. Avoid using "bunny" if you want to sound tough and strong.