“Can you believe this shit?”

English Lesson: Can you believe this shit?

You're a young man. You're waiting in a really long line at an amusement park. After waiting for several minutes without moving, you get really frustrated and say this to your friend.

Can you believe this shit?

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Can you believe (something)?

The phrase "Can you believe ___?" is used to criticize something that you don't like. For example:

Can you believe he didn't even call me back?

Can you believe this shit? I've been waiting for over an hour!

Use "Can you believe ___?" when you think people are doing something that's totally unacceptable, and you're surprised about it. You usually say this to someone who you think will agree with your opinion.

"Just (did something)" is often used along with this phrase:

Can you believe she just took it without asking? How rude!

this shit

Use "this shit" to refer to something that you don't like:

Ew. What is this shit?

I don't have time for this shit!

"Shit" is a curse word, so there are many situations in which it's not polite to say it. You shouldn't say "shit":

  • around young children
  • around strangers who you want to impress
  • to people who you are trying to impress, like your boyfriend or girlfriend's family
  • in church

When you do use the phrase "this shit", it sounds angry and tough.