“Do you want to borrow my clippers?”

English Lesson: Do you want to borrow my clippers?

Your friend has a hangnail. She complains about it. You want to offer to help her, so you say this.

Do you want to borrow my clippers?

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(nail) clippers

"Nail clippers" are the tool that you use to cut your fingernails. There's also a larger version for cutting your toenails.

Other types of tools are also called "clippers". For example:

  • Hair clippers are a machine that cuts hair. Sometimes the scissors that a barber uses are also called "hair clippers".
  • Hedge clippers are used to prune bushes and hedges.
  • Wire clippers are a small tool that cuts wires.
  • Bolt clippers are a big tool that you can use to cut open a padlock or a chain.

You use the word "clippers" with an "s", even when you're just talking about one item.