“Do you want to go to time out?”

English Lesson: Do you want to go to time out?

Your son isn't doing what you tell him to. You want to threaten to punish him. The punishment is sitting in a chair by himself with no toys for 5 minutes.

Do you want to go to time out?

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Do you want (something)?

Sometimes people use the phrase "Do you want ___?" to threaten someone. For example, if your husband has been saying something that is making you angry, you can ask him:

Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight?

This means that you will make him sleep alone on the couch instead of in bed if he continues to make you angry.

People usually use this kind of threat with family members or lovers. It might be a little too harsh to use with coworkers or people you don't know well.

go to time out

"Time out" is a kind of punishment that parents and teachers use for small children. If a child misbehaves, you can send them to "time out". That means that they have to sit alone and without any toys to distract them for a few minutes.

We talk about "time out" as a place. For example, here's how you might talk to your child who's acting badly.

OK, that's enough! You're going to time out.

The child, describing what happened later, might say this:

Daddy made me go to time out.