“Does anyone want to split this with me?”

English Lesson: Does anyone want to split this with me?

You bought an enormous sandwich for lunch, but you're not very hungry. You ask your classmates if someone would like a half of the sandwich.

Does anyone want to split this with me?

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split (something)

To "split" something means to share it equally between people. It's often used in a restaurant setting. Things that people often "split" include:

  • split an appetizer (at a restaurant)
  • split a dessert
  • split the check

You can split something with another person:

Do you want to split this with me?

Or you can split something between a group of people:

We'll just order a few salads and split them between us.

Does anyone want to (do something)?

If you’re talking to a group of friends, you can say this to suggest an activity. 

Does anyone want to go get ice cream?

Does anyone want to get together and practice this before Tuesday?

Even though you say “anyone,” you can use this if you’re hoping for a few people to say yes.