“Get down from there right this minute!”

English Lesson: Get down from there right this minute!

Your daughter and her friends found a way to climb onto the roof of your house. You're worried that they'll get hurt so you yell at them.

Get down from there right this minute!

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Get down from there!

"Get down from there!" is something that you yell at someone who's in a high place that they shouldn't be. For example, you can say this to a cat who's jumped up on your dinner table, or a child who's climbed too high up into a tree.

(do something) right this minute!

"Right this minute" means "now" or "immediately". If you are angry at someone and you have authority over them, you can tell them to do something "right this minute":

Come here, right this minute!

Only tell someone to do something "right this minute" if you're in charge of that person. Here are some examples of situations in which you can do that:

  • a parent who's angry at their child
  • a commander in the military who's going to punish one of the soldiers under their command
  • a wife whose husband has done something wrong