“Give it another swipe?”

English Lesson: Give it another swipe?

A customer at the store you work at is paying with a credit card. The credit card doesn't work the first time she tries it, so you ask her to try again.

Give it another swipe?

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swipe (a card)

To "swipe" means to make a sliding motion. When you "swipe" a credit card, debit card, or some other kind of card, you slide the card through a machine that reads the information on it.

There are also other machines that you "dip" a card into. This is the type that you put your card into and then pull it back out.

give (something) a (verb)

You can take a verb like one of these:

  • call (someone)
  • push (something)
  • try (something)

...and make it into an expression with "give ___ a ___":

Give me a call when you get in.

Give it a push.

Go ahead and give it a try.

This means to try to do something. It sounds friendly and casual.

You can't do this with verbs that don't have objects, though, like these:

  • wait
  • run
  • smile