“Go right ahead.”

English Lesson: Go right ahead.

You're in a coffee shop. Someone asked to use the chair next to you by asking "Is this seat taken?". You're not using it, so you say this.

Go right ahead.

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Go right ahead.

You say "Go right ahead" when someone asks you if it's OK to do something and you want to say "yes".

You can use it in situations like these:

  • at the gym, someone asks to use an exercise machine that you just finished using
  • you can't open a package and your friend asks if he can try to open it

"Go right ahead" sometimes carries a negative or angry sound. For example, if a family member wants to do something that you don't agree with, you can say:

If that's really how you feel, then go right ahead.

This shows that you don't agree with the plan, but you can't stop it.

In most other situations, "Go right ahead" sounds polite and a little formal.