“Yeah, no problem.”

English Lesson: Yeah, no problem.

You're sitting in a coffee shop. Someone who you don't know asks if you will watch over her stuff for her. You say this because you don't mind.

Yeah, no problem.

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No problem.

"No problem" means "yes" or "sure". It is a response that you say to someone who asks you to do something:

A: Could you hold that for me?

B: Sure, no problem.

You can also say "No problem" when someone thanks you for doing something:

A: Thank you so much!

B: No problem.


"Yeah" is a more casual way of saying "yes". 

Say this to agree with something that a person said:

Yeah, no problem.

Yeah, I actually did it myself.

You can also say "yeah" when you're going to disagree but you want to make your disagreement sound a little softer.

Yeah, but then it'll be blocking one of the outlets.

"Yeah" sounds less formal than "yes."