“He has his father's stubbornness.”

English Lesson: He has his father's stubbornness.

Your son bought a motorcycle, even though you and the rest of your family told him not to. You complain about him to his girlfriend.

He has his father's stubbornness.

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(someone) has (someone's)(feature)

This expression describes someone having a feature (like eyes, nose, chin, etc.) that looks like their parent's. For example:

You have your mother's lips.

Don't you think she has your ears?

You can also use this for personality features that a child shares with a parent:

He has his father's stubbornness.

You usually don't use "___ has your ___" to talk about people who aren't related, even if they do look alike.


Someone who is "stubborn" won't change their mind. Once they've made a decision, they will continue with that decision even if you give them a lot of good reasons to change. Here's how you use the word "stubborn":

Don't be so stubborn!

Being "stubborn" is usually a bad quality.

You can talk about this quality with the word "stubbornness":

Stubbornness is not something to be proud of.