“We’re up 10% over last quarter.”

English Lesson: We’re up 10% over last quarter.

You're presenting sales results in a meeting at work. You tell the group that the company is doing better now than 3 months ago.

We’re up 10% over last quarter.

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a quarter

Businesses usually break the year up into four pieces, which are called "quarters". They measure the performance of the business by how well each quarter compares to the same quarter the last year.

You name the quarters like this:

The fourth quarter is always tough.

People also call them "Q1", "Q2", etc.

It's time to start looking ahead to Q3.

(some number) is (up/down) over (a previous period)

You can compare numbers for one time period to a past time period with the word "over":

Profits are up 10% over last quarter.

This means "Profits  are 10% higher than they were in the last 3-month period."