“He was extremely animated.”

English Lesson: He was extremely animated.

You saw a speech by a famous author. While he was speaking, he seemed really excited and moved around the stage a lot. Now you're describing the situation to a friend. You say this.

He was extremely animated.

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extremely (adjective)

"Extremely" means "very" but is even stronger. For example:

Landscape architecture is an extremely competitive field.

Some other common adjectives that are used with "extremely" are:

  • extremely important
  • extremely difficult
  • extremely high/low (for a number or amount, not for actual height)
  • extremely rare
  • extremely difficult

(someone) is animated

When you describe a person as "animated", it means that they:

  • seem excited
  • move around a lot
  • make hand gestures
  • move their face around a lot

You usually use "animated" to describe the way that someone speaks or tells a story.

You might be more familiar with the word "animated" as it's related to cartoons. An "animated" movie or video is made using drawings or 3D images that move around. The basic meaning of the word "animate" is "to make something seem alive", so that's where the two meanings of "animated" come from.