“Her contractions are 12 minutes apart.”

English Lesson: Her contractions are 12 minutes apart.

Your wife is having a baby now. You've taken her to the hospital, and you're telling the nurse at the front desk about your wife's situation.

Her contractions are 12 minutes apart.

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(a woman's) contractions are (a number of) minutes apart

When a woman is in labor (meaning that she's about to have a baby), her body starts "having contractions". Contractions are what push the baby out.

Contractions usually don't happen contuously throughout child birth. There are periods of rest in between them. As you get closer to having the baby, they happen more and more frequently. A common practice is to measure how much time passes between each contraction, so that you know how close you are to having the baby. We talk about this by saying that the contractions are "___ minutes apart":

A: I'm having my contractions.

B: How far apart are they?