“He's an amazing athlete, but his technique is sloppy.”

English Lesson: He's an amazing athlete, but his technique is sloppy.

You're talking with a friend about the basketball team at a local university. You describe one of the players, whose performance is sometimes disappointing.

He's an amazing athlete, but his technique is sloppy.

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an athlete

An "athlete" is someone who plays or competes in sports seriously.

You can also use the word "athlete" to describe someone's general athletic ability. This phrase:

He's an amazing athlete.

...might mean that this person is really good at a particular sport, or it might mean that he has high athletic ability in general. He can run, jump, throw, etc. well.

(someone's) technique is sloppy

A person's "technique" means how correctly they perform a physical skill. You can use this phrase to talk about a wide variety of skills like:

  • throwing a ball
  • shooting a gun
  • swimming
  • playing a piano

You can use a variety of adjectives to talk about a person's technique:

Her technique is almost perfect.

His technique is poor.

One common adjective is "sloppy". "Sloppy" means dirty or unorganized. A person with "sloppy" technique doesn't perform the skill in the correct way. They may do it a little differently each time.