“No way! Get out of here!”

English Lesson: No way! Get out of here!

Your brother tells you that he met a really famous celebrity. You say this because you're surprised that he met someone so famous.

No way! Get out of here!

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Get out of here!

When someone tells you something that's:

  • surprising
  • really exciting or good news
  • possibly a trick

For example:

A: Mom, I got into Harvard.

B: What!? Get out of here!

Of course, there's also a completely different meaning of "Get out of here!" You can say this when you're mad at someone and want them to leave.

People will usually know whether you're surprised or angry based on the situation. Your facial expressions also give people clues. If you say "Get out of here!" while you're smiling, people will think that you're happy and surprised. If you say it while frowning, they'll think that you're angry.

No way!

"No way!" is a casual phrase that means "I can't believe it!" Use it when you're surprised and excited about something:

A: Have you been playing the new Call of Dutygame?

B: I already beat it.

A: No way!

You can imagine that "No way!" is a shortened version of "There's no way that could be true."

Another meaning of "No way" is "No" or "Definitely no."

A: Do you want to go skydiving with me?

B: No way!