“Hi. Do you have any vacancies?”

English Lesson: Hi. Do you have any vacancies?

You had to travel to another city at the last minute. You don't have a hotel reservation, so you go to a hotel and ask this at the reception desk.

Hi. Do you have any vacancies?

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any (something)

The words "some" and "any" have almost the same meaning. But you use "some" in positive sentences:

He didn't study at a four-year university, but he does have some formal training.

"Any" is used in negative sentences like this:

It's not like we need any more food.

It's also used in questions, like:

Is there any tea left?

(a hotel) has vacancies

If a hotel has rooms which are available for people to rent now, you can say that the hotel "has vacancies".

Some hotels have a neon sign out front which says "vacancies" if there are rooms available, and "no vacancies" if all of the rooms are full.