“How's your commute?”

English Lesson: How's your commute?

You're talking to a person who's just started working at your company. You find out that she lives outside of the city where your offices are. You ask her this to find out whether it takes her a long time to get to work.

How's your commute?

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how is (something)

Asking "how is ___" is a simple way to get information from someone. A person can respond to this question with any kind of information. Some common questions are:

  • How are you?
  • How's work?
  • How's your chicken? (Asking about a dish that you ordered at a restaurant)

"How's ___" is a common casual way of shortening "how is ___"

(one's) commute

Your "commute" is the experience that you have traveling to work every day. You can describe a commute as short or long, easy or difficult.

I like it a lot. The commute is easy, the people there are nice, and I'm doing something that I really care about.

You can commute by car, by train, or by bus.

If you walk to work, you usually wouldn't use the word "commute" to describe how you get to work.