“I didn't bring any workout clothes.”

English Lesson: I didn't bring any workout clothes.

You're visiting a friend who lives in another city. He likes to run for exercise, and he asks if you want to go running with him. You'd like to, but you don't have the right clothes to wear.

I didn't bring any workout clothes.

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You use the word "any" in a negative sentence, with "not":

We don't have any laundry detergent left.

There aren't any good restaurants around here.

In a positive sentence, you use "some" instead:

We have some laundry detergent.

There're some good restaurants around here.

workout clothes

"Working out" means "exercising". Clothes that you wear for exercising can be called "workout clothes". Workout clothes include things like:

  • gym shorts
  • yoga pants
  • t-shirts
  • tank tops
  • sports bras
  • sneakers (also known as "tennis shoes" or "running shoes")