“I have bags under my eyes, don't I?”

English Lesson: I have bags under my eyes, don't I?

You didn't sleep very much last night. Today you think that you look tired. You ask your friend to find out how bad you really look.

I have bags under my eyes, don't I?

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(someone) has bags under (their) eyes

When someone is tired, the area under their eyes starts to look a little bit darker and more swollen than usual. We call this "having bags under your eyes".

I (do something), don't I?

You can confirm an idea with this expression.

For example, if you're dirty and dressed badly, you can ask someone:

I look horrible, don't I?

Use "don't I?" with most verbs. However, if the verb of the sentence is "am", use "aren't I?". When the verb is "can", use "can't I?" And with "will", use "won't I":

I'm late, aren't I?

I can be a little annoying sometimes, can't I?

I'll be the only girl there, won't I?

When you're using this expression confirming what you already think, your voice goes down at the end of the sentence. If you're really not sure about the answer, your voice goes up at the end.