“I’m in corporate sales.”

English Lesson: I’m in corporate sales.

You're at a playground with your children. One of the other parents starts a conversation with you. He asks what you do. You don't want to give him a lot of specifics, so you tell him the general field you work in.

I’m in corporate sales.

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(someone) is in (a field)

You tell what field or industry you work in by saying that you are "in" that field or industry:

I'm in accounting.

Here are some examples of different fields that you can be "in":

  • education (teachers, school principals)
  • entertainment (actors, musicians, directors)
  • software (programmers, testers, etc.)
  • marketing (marketers for any company)
  • sales (salespeople)
  • hospitality (working in a hotel or on a cruise)
  • accounting (accountants)

corporate sales

When one company sells something to another large company, that is "corporate sales".

We have corporate sales teams in Europe and South America.