“What made you decide to go into accounting?”

English Lesson: What made you decide to go into accounting?

You're at a dinner party at your friend's house. You're talking with someone who you just met earlier tonight. You remember that he's an accountant, so you ask this to start a conversation with him.

What made you decide to go into accounting?

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go into (a field)

To "go into" a field means to start a career in that field.

Here are some fields that you can "go into":

  • go into law (become a lawyer)
  • go into finance (become a stock trader, financial analyst, etc.)
  • go into education (become a teacher)
  • go into law enforcement (become a police officer)
  • go into medicine (become a doctor or nurse)

What made you (do something)?

You can ask someone why they chose to do something with the phrase "What made you ___?"

For example, in a job interview, the interviewer might ask this:

A: What made you decide to apply for this position?

B: Well, I've always wanted to work here, so when I saw that you had an open position, I jumped at the chance.

"What made you" has a softer sound than "Why" which might seem a little rough.


An "accountant" is someone who is responsible for tracking an organization's money: how much is coming in, how much is being spent, how much money needs to be paid to the government as taxes, and so on.

The word "accounting" describes this kind of work. You can say that an accountant "does accounting" or "is in Accounting".