“I think you forgot to attach the PDF.”

English Lesson: I think you forgot to attach the PDF.

Someone sends you an e-mail message at work. In the message, she writes something about a PDF document that she included with the message, but you don't see any PDF. This is what you write in response.

I think you forgot to attach the PDF.

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forget to (do something)

When you "forget to do" something, it means that you wanted to do something, but you didn't do it because you forgot:

Oh, I forgot to lock the door. Hold on just a second.

Oh shoot. Remy called me yesterday and I forgot to call him back.

Notice that there is a different phrase for when you do something, but then later forget that you did it. That phrase is "I forgot that (clause)":

I forgot that she was a year younger than us. I thought we were all the same age.

I forgot that I had actually met him once before at Crystal's party. So I introduced myself to him again.

attach (a computer file)

The word "attach" means to stick or connect two things to each other. When you're writing e-mail and want to send someone a file, you "attach" the file to an e-mail message. The file that you attach is called "an attachment".