“I was in stitches the whole show.”

English Lesson: I was in stitches the whole show.

You went to see a play, and it was really funny. You're recommending the play to a friend, and you describe how funny it was.

I was in stitches the whole show.

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(someone) is in stitches

When someone is "in stitches" it means that they are laughing a lot, and can't stop laughing:

A: How was the comedy show?

B: Oh man, I was in stitches!

If something is just a little funny, you don't use this phrase. You can say something else, like:

It was funny.

I got a good laugh out of it.

The word "stitches" comes from a medical treatment. When someone gets a large cut, a doctor will sew the wound to keep it closed. Sewing together a wound is known as "giving (someone) stitches". It's a little hard to connect "stitches" to laughing, but you can imagine laughing so hard that your stomach starts to hurt as if you had stiches in it.

the show

A "show" can mean a lot of things:

  • a television show
  • a musical performance
  • a play
  • a comedy performance

You can use "show" like this:

Hey, are you coming to my show?

We're going out to see a show tonight.

It was a good show.

What are you doing after the show?