“I was stuck in pointless meetings all day.”

English Lesson: I was stuck in pointless meetings all day.

At work, you have to go to a lot of meetings, but you don't think they're useful. Now you're at home and are chatting with your friend online. She asks how you're doing, so you type this venting your frustrations.

I was stuck in pointless meetings all day.

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be stuck in a meeting

When you have a meeting for work, it's rude to leave before the meeting is finished. So you have to stay there for the entire meeting. To be "stuck in" a meeting means to be required to stay, even though you'd rather leave.

You can use this phrase as an excuse for why you were late for something:

Sorry, I've been stuck in meetings all afternoon.

a pointless (thing)

When you don't think that something has a meaning or a purpose, you can call it "pointless".

That meeting was so pointless.

What a pointless movie!

A meeting is "pointless" if it doesn't give you information that you need. You can call a movie "pointless" if you don't understand the message that the filmmakers wanted to get across.