“I would set it for... 5:30?”

English Lesson: I would set it for... 5:30?

You have to wake up early tomorrow to go to the airport for your vacation. Your husband is setting an alarm clock. You tell him what time you think he should set the alarm clock like this.

I would set it for... 5:30?

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I would (do something)

When you're giving your opinion but don't want to say it too strongly (because you're being polite or because you don't feel strongly about it), you can say "I would ___". Examples of this are:

I would probably look around for a better deal.

I would go with the higher-priced model.

You often use "I would ___" when you're giving someone else advice, and you're not the person making the final decision. It usually sounds polite and helpful.

There are also different uses for "I would" such as "I would like...":

I would like an iced tea, please.

set (an alarm) for (a time)

"Setting" an alarm means choosing what time the alarm is going to go off.

Give the time that you choose with "for":

Set it for 30 minutes from now.

I usually set my alarm for 9:00.

Other things that you can "set" include:

  • set a trap
  • set the thermostat (for a heater or air conditioner)
  • set goals
  • set a variable (in computer programming)