“If you're bored, I suggest that you take up a hobby.”

English Lesson: If you're bored, I suggest that you take up a hobby.

Your son did something bad so you're punishing him by not allowing him to use his phone or computer. He complains that it's really boring. You tell him to find something else to interest him.

If you're bored, I suggest that you take up a hobby.

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take up (a hobby)

"Take up ___" is the most common way to describe starting a new hobby. You can use this phrase with the words "a hobby":

If you feel bored, why don't you take up a hobby?

Or you can use it with the name of the hobby:

My parents have recently taken up gardening.

(someone) is bored

When you are "bored" it means that you don't have anything fun or interesting to do. You're not having fun. You might get bored when:

  • you're talking to someone who's not very interesting
  • you're working on some work that you've already done many times before
  • you're waiting in the waiting room at a doctor's office for a long time

When someone says that they "are bored" they are complaining.

A: Mom, I'm bored.

B: Stop complaining!

I suggest that you (do something)

"I suggest that you ___" is a formal way to give someone advice. Because it's so formal, it doesn't sound friendly. In fact, people often use this phrase to express that they don't care about someone else's problems. For example:

A: I don't have any money.

B: Well, I suggest that you get a job.

In this example, Person B doesn't feel sympathy for Person A not having any money.

As another example, imagine an argument between a tough boss and her employee:

Boss: I need you to come in and work this weekend.

Employee: What? I had to work last weekend. I was supposed to have this weekend off.

Boss: I'm sorry, but I need you this weekend. If you don't like it, I suggest that you find somewhere else to work.