“I'll come tuck you in and read you a story in a minute.”

English Lesson: I'll come tuck you in and read you a story in a minute.

Your child is getting ready for bed. You usually read to her before she goes to sleep. But first you need to send a quick email for work. You tell her to get in bed and wait for you.

I'll come tuck you in and read you a story in a minute.

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come (do something)

Use this phrase when you're offering to help someone:

Do you want me to come help you?

I'll come bring you something to drink in just a minute.

Use "come (do something)" with people you're close to, like family members and friends. It sounds kind and helpful.

tuck (someone) in

"Tucking someone in" means sitting or standing next to their bed and helping them to get comfortable just before they go to sleep. Parents do this for their young children.

In this phrase, the word "tuck" means to straighten out the sheets and blankets on the bed. You can also "tuck in" a shirt, which means to put the bottom end of the shirt inside your pants or skirt:

Hey, you forgot to tuck in your shirt.

read (someone) a story

Parents often read stories from books out loud to their children. This is called "reading them a story":

Want me to read you a story?

in a minute

"In a minute" means "soon". We use it like this:

I'll be there in a minute.

I'll be finished in just a minute.

If you tell someone that you'll do something "in a minute", they will probably expect you to do in within 5 or 10 minutes, not one minute exactly.