“I'm pretty strapped for cash myself.”

English Lesson: I'm pretty strapped for cash myself.

A friend asks if he can borrow some money for a few days until his next paycheck. You don't have much money either, so you say no.

I'm pretty strapped for cash myself.

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(someone) is strapped for cash

"Strapped for cash" is a casual way to describe someone who doesn't have much money.

People often use this phrase to explain why they can't do something like go out to a bar or lend a friend money:

I don't think I can go this time. I'm kind of strapped for cash.

I (am something/do something) myself.

Use this expression to say that something is true for you too. For example:

I'm not sure why they charged so much.

B: I'm confused myself.

A: Chili is one of my specialties.

B: Oh yeah? I make a pretty good chili myself.