“It calls for vanilla extract. Do we still have any?”

English Lesson: It calls for vanilla extract. Do we still have any?

You want to make a cheesecake. You read a recipe for it. The recipe says that you need an ingredient that you don't use often, so you check with your wife, who usually cooks.

It calls for vanilla extract. Do we still have any?

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(a recipe) calls for (an ingredient)

When you're talking about a recipe, you can explain what ingredients are needed by saying that the recipe "calls for ___". For example:

It calls for olive oil. Do you think corn oil will work as a substitute?

If you're talking about cooking something without a clear recipe, don't use this phrase. In that case, you can say that you "need ___":

I can make some spaghetti, I guess. I need tomato sauce, though. Do we have any? 

vanilla extract

"Vanilla extract" is an ingredient that's used in some baking. It's a liquid with a strong vanilla flavor.

In general, an "extract" is the concentrated essence of something. Some other kinds of "extract" include:

  • almond extract
  • coconut extract
  • herbal extracts

Do we have any (something)?

Ask the people who live with you this question to find out whether you have an ingredient or material in your home. 

For example:

Do we have any toilet paper?

I need some tape. Do we have any?