“It's adjustable.”

English Lesson: It's adjustable.

You bought a new baseball hat. Your friend tries it on, just for fun, but laughs because it's much too small. You point out the velcro in the back.

It's adjustable.

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(something) is adjustable

Say this if it’s possible to change the fit of something.

For example, imagine that you’re trying on a ring at a jewelry store, but it’s a little too small for your finger. The saleswoman takes the ring and shows you that it can be pulled apart to become larger:

Here you go. It’s adjustable.

Other things that are "adjustable" include settings on a machine, like the volume, brightness, or color balance of a TV.

In general, words that end in "-able" mean "able to be ___ed". Some other examples:

  • washable
  • bendable
  • winnable