“The first item doesn't really apply to me.”

English Lesson: The first item doesn't really apply to me.

You're filling out a survey. The first question is for people who own a car, but you don't have one. You say this to yourself.

The first item doesn't really apply to me.

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an item (in a form)

In a form, such as a survey or application, each question can be called an "item". 

You can also use the word "item" to talk about a list:

We need to update this checklist. I guess the best way to do it is just to go through it item by item.

...or an agenda for a meeting:

The next item on the agenda is the proposal to switch to a paperless order system.

(something) doesn't apply to (something)

When a rule or question is for other people, not for you, you can say that it "doesn't apply to" you.

For example, if you work at a store, there might be a sign on one of the doors saying "Do not enter." However, that sign is for customers. Since you're not a customer, you can enter that room. The sign "doesn't apply to" you.

Here are some examples of "apply to ___" in sentences:

Some people say that the Bible doesn't apply to modern life. Well, I couldn't disagree more. 

The tuition discount only applies to people who have been living within the state for three years or longer.