“It's not all glamour and prestige; we put in a lot of long, thankless hours.”

English Lesson: It's not all glamour and prestige; we put in a lot of long, thankless hours.

You work for a fashion designer. You're introducing the job to some new interns at your company. You explain that it's not going to be as fun as they probably imagined.

It's not all glamour and prestige; we put in a lot of long, thankless hours.

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(a job) is not all (something). (sentence)

Use this construction to correct people's incorrect ideas about a job or activity.

You first describe what people sometimes think about the subject. Then you tell the more complete story. For example:

Sales is not all fancy power lunches and business meetings. We put up with a lot of rejections.

Being a police officer is not all chasing down bad guys and solving cases. A lot of our work involves doing paperwork, riding around the city, dealing with traffic accidents...

a glamorous job

"Glamorous" things are exciting, beautiful, and associated with money and fame. Some glamorous things include:

  • a fashion show
  • a Hollywood movie premiere

A glamorous job is a job that lots of people want because it involves things like international travel, meetings with famous or important people, and high pay.

The noun form of "glamorous" is "glamour".

a prestigious job

When something carries a high sense of respect, it can be called "prestigious". Some prestigious things include:

  • a prestigious award
  • a prestigious university
  • a prestigious company
  • a prestigious position

Having a prestigious job might mean being an important executive in a well-known company, having a high position in the government, and so on.

The noun form of "prestigious" is "prestige". You can say things:

I think he took the job more for the prestige than for the money.

(someone) put in long hours

"Putting in long hours" on a job or a project means working for a long time on it, or working for a long time each day. For example:

Everyone in a big law firm like that puts in insanely long hours.

This is similar to the phrase "put a lot of work into (something)"

(someone's work) is thankless

When someone works hard on something but no one notices or cares, you can say that the work is "thankless":

Fixing people's computer problems is a thankless job.