“It's way past your bedtime!”

English Lesson: It's way past your bedtime!

You went out with your wife and left your son with a family member for the evening. He's supposed to go to sleep at 9:00pm, but when you get home at 10:00pm, he's still awake.

It's way past your bedtime!

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way past (something)

"Way" means "far". You can use it like this:

I was out way past midnight.

This means that you stayed out not just until 12:05 or 12:30, but several hours past midnight.

Here's another example:

There's no use apologizing now. We're way past that point.

You might say this if someone has made you so angry that there's no chance that you'll forgive them.

(a child's) bedtime

Parents often set a specific time for their children to go to sleep each night. We call this the "bedtime":

You know that your bedtime is at 9 o'clock. What are you still doing up?

We sometimes use the word "bedtime" jokingly to talk about adults as well.

I gotta go home it's way past my bedtime!