“I've never gotten into baseball for some reason.”

English Lesson: I've never gotten into baseball for some reason.

Your city's baseball team is playing an important game tonight. Your coworker asks you if you're going to watch it. You explain that you don't really care about baseball.

I've never gotten into baseball for some reason.

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for some reason

Use this phrase to explain that you don't know why something is happening:

She seems angry at me for some reason.

For some reason I keep forgetting to bring my computer home with me.

As you can see, "for some reason" can come at the beginning of a sentence or at the end.

get into (something)

To "get into" something means to become interested in it. For example, if you recently started reading books about history, you can say:

I've been getting into history lately.

If you think that someone will like a video game that you're recommending for them, you can say:

I think you'll get into it.

You can also say that you "are into" something, which means that it's an interest or hobby of yours:

I've always been into martial arts.