“I asked him to stop on numerous occasions.”

English Lesson: I asked him to stop on numerous occasions.

You are talking to your manager about your coworker. He always is making sexist jokes. You explain that he doesn't stop even when people complain.

I asked him to stop on numerous occasions.

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numerous (things)

"Numerous" is a formal way of saying "many" or "a lot". Some common words that people use with "numerous" include:

I asked him to stop on numerous occasions. (many times)

Numerous studies have shown a strong link between obesity and various forms of cancer.

Vegetarianism has numerous health benefits as well.

(someone) (did something) on numerous occasions

The phrase "on numerous occasions" is used for describing something that happened several times in the past:

We complained to the building manager on numerous occassions about the noise, but he neglected to take action.

"On numerous occasions" is a formal phrase. People often use it when making a formal complaint, like when complaining to the police or to a business's Customer Service department.

(ask/tell) (someone) to stop

When people are doing something that you don't like, you might "ask them to stop". This means asking them to stop what they were doing.

I asked her to stop, but she wouldn't listen.

You can also "tell" someone to stop.