“Let's go for a stroll after dinner.”

English Lesson: Let's go for a stroll after dinner.

You're on vacation with your family. You would like to take a walk on the beach after your family has dinner.

Let's go for a stroll after dinner.

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Let's (do something).

The phrase "Let's ___" is well-known to English learners. However, learners often over-use "Let's ___" and use it in situations where it isn't appropriate.

When can you say "Let's ___"? You usually use it when you're suggesting something that you're sure the listener will accept. If you're meeting a friend for lunch, then you're sure that they will agree to eat with you. So you can say:

I'm starving! Let's eat.

In situations where you're not sure how the listener will respond to your suggestion, you can use other phrases like "Would you like to ___?", "Why don't we ___?" or "We should ___":

Would you like to go out to dinner with me some time?

Why don't we meet at 7:30?

We should get together some time and have a drink.

go for a stroll

To "go for a stroll" means to walk somewhere in a slow, relaxed way for enjoyment. People usually "go for a stroll" in a park, around their neighborhood, on the beach, etc. Use it like this:

It was a really pretty afternoon, so we went for a stroll and then sat at an outdoor café for an hour or two.