“I don't know, sweetie. Check the expiration date.”

English Lesson: I don't know, sweetie. Check the expiration date.

Your son asks if some yogurt that's in your refrigerator is too old to eat. You're not sure. You say this.

I don't know, sweetie. Check the expiration date.

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"Sweetie" is a name that you can call someone. Here are some examples of who calls who "sweetie":

  • Mothers can call their children "sweetie"
  • A father can call his daughters "sweetie", but probably not his sons.
  • Teachers might call their students "sweetie" if the students are very young, like 8 years old or lower.
  • Some gay men call their friends and various other people "sweetie".
  • Some older women call anyone younger than them "sweetie", even strangers.
  • You can call your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife "sweetie".

check the expiration date

Packaged food products usually have an "expiration date" printed somewhere on the package. This is the date that you're supposed to use it by. After that date, the product is "expired", which means that it's not good any more.

To find out if a product is expired, you "check the expiration date".