“*Limit one per customer.”

English Lesson: *Limit one per customer.

You're selling a product on your website. This week, you're having a sale so you're selling the products for a really low price. You don't want to sell too many at that low price, or you'll lose money. Under the price on the website you write:

*Limit one per customer.

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Limit (some number) per customer

When stores have great sales or discounts, they sometimes limit how much of something each customer is allowed to buy. When they do this, they write something like this on their signs and advertisements:

Limit 3 per customer

If you describe the limit in a sentence, you say it like this:

There's a limit of 3 per customer.

(some number) per (something)

Use "___ per ___" to talk about a ratio, which is the relationship between numbers. For example:

I earned fifty dollars per day.

We made two per person.

The speed limit is 35 miles per hour.