“All right man, take it easy!”

English Lesson: All right man, take it easy!

You ran into a friend from college on the street and made small talk for a few minutes. Now you're leaving. You say this.

All right man, take it easy!

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All right

This is an expression that people use near the end of a conversation. For example, if you're visiting someone and you think that it's time for you to leave, you can say:

All right, well I guess I should be going.

"All right" can be said in response to something that another person says. For example:

A: Guys, let's call it a day.

B: All right, we'll pick it back up in the morning.

But you can also say "all right" on its own to show that you're ready to end the conversation, even if no one else has said anything.


Guys sometimes call their friends "man". For example, if you see that your friend is calling, you can answer your phone with:

Hey man, what's up?

Calling people "man" sounds friendly but kind of tough as well. It's casual English, so use it with guys that you know well.

Take it easy!

This is a casual expression to use when you're saying goodbye to someone:

A: OK, see you later.

B: All right. Take it easy.

Who uses "Take it easy!"? Men use it more than women. It tends to be used by slightly older people, like people in their 30's to 60's.