“No, that one's dead.”

English Lesson: No, that one's dead.

You're a salesperson. You're reviewing your accounts with your manager. Your manager asks about one client who told you that they don't have enough money to spend this year. You tell her the status of this account.

No, that one's dead.

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(something) is dead

You know that plants, animals and people can be "dead", but you can also use "dead" to talk about things that are not alive. Here are some examples:

  • a machine that's stopped working can be "dead":

    My phone's dead. Can I use yours?

  • a party or bar that doesn't have a lot of people can be "dead":

    This place is dead. Let's go somewhere else.

  • if something was being planned but the plan has been abandoned, it's "dead":

    The conference is dead.