“Oh yeah, they're loaded.”

English Lesson: Oh yeah, they're loaded.

You're talking with a friend about your boss and her husband. You tell her that the boss goes on a lot of international vacations. Your friend asks if your boss and her husband are rich, and you explain that they are.

Oh yeah, they're loaded.

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(someone) is loaded

A person who is "loaded" has a lot of money.

The term "loaded" can be rather rude if you use it with the wrong person and in the wrong way. You can describe someone as "loaded" when:

  • You're gossipping with a friend who you trust about someone else.
  • You jokingly say this to a close friend who has a lot of money.
  • You say it about someone who you and your listeners don't know personally, like a celebrity.
  • You can say this about yourself as a joke if you're actually poor.

If you call someone "loaded" when you're speaking to a person you don't know well, it might seem rude. It might also seem like you're obsessed with how much money other people have.

Oh yeah.

"Oh yeah" means "definitely yes", and it also suggests that the answer is very obvious.

For example, if you are an emergency room doctor and someone asks if you have to work long hours, you can answer:

Oh yeah.