“Oh, you shouldn't have!”

English Lesson: Oh, you shouldn't have!

It's your birthday. One of your coworkers is giving you a birthday present. You didn't expect to get a gift from her. You want to express your surprise and politely say that she didn't need to get you anything, so you say this.

Oh, you shouldn't have!

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You usually say "oh" when something surprises you, or when you hear new information that you didn't know before:

Oh, I'm so sorry. Thank you for reminding me.

In the example above, "Oh!" shows that you're surprised at what someone did. You're surprised that your coworker got you a gift. (Or at least you want to seem like you're surprised.)

You shouldn't have!

"You shouldn't have!" is a common set phrase that people say when someone gives them a gift. It means "You shouldn't have gotten anything for me!"

A: Here, I brought you something from New York.

B: You brought me a gift? You shouldn't have!

Use this expression when you get a gift and you want to seem surprised.

"You shouldn't have!" sounds a little old-fashioned. Young people in their teens and twenties might not use it with their friends.