“OK, I think that's about it.”

English Lesson: OK, I think that's about it.

You're leading a conference call for work. You've talked about everything that you had planned, so now you end the meeting.

OK, I think that's about it.

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One of the ways that English speakers use "OK" is to signal a change in the flow of conversation.

For example, before you begin a meeting everyone might be making small talk and chatting about different topics. To start the serious business part of the meeting, you can start with "OK".

You can also use "OK" when you want to:

That's about it.

Use this phrase when you're finished discussing all of the topics that you wanted to discuss in some kind of meeting. It means "that was all of the topics that I can remember that I wanted to discuss". Add "I think" if you're not completely sure whether you've discussed everything.

For example:

A: OK. Anyone have anything else they wanted to add?

B: Nothing for me.

C: No, I think that's about it.

You can use "That's about it" when you're listing things and you think you're at the end of the list. For example:

Can you pick up some cheese, avocados, carrots... maybe a case of beer... and that's about it.

You can also say "That's it" without "about":

OK, I think that's it.