“OK. Let's get down to business.”

English Lesson: OK. Let's get down to business.

You're in charge of a committee at your church that is planning a fundraising event. You're having a lunch meeting with the other members of the committee. Everyone has had time to order their food, make small talk, and start eating. Now you want to start talking about the event, so you say this to bring up the topic.

OK. Let's get down to business.

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One of the ways that English speakers use "OK" is to signal a change in the flow of conversation.

For example, before you begin a meeting everyone might be making small talk and chatting about different topics. To start the serious business part of the meeting, you can start with "OK".

You can also use "OK" when you want to:

Let's get down to business.

This is a set phrase which people say when they're leading a group of people and want to get started with the main topic of discussion. Here are some other situations in which someone might say "Let's get down to business":

  • a teacher has been taking attendance and making announcements, and now wants to start his lesson.
  • a boss has called one of her employees into her office for a yearly performance review, but started off by asking about a problem that they've been dealing with that day. Now she wants to start the performance review.

You can see that "Let's get down to business" can be used not only in business situations, but in any situation where you have one important thing that a group of people has come together to talk about.