“OK, who wants pancakes?”

English Lesson: OK, who wants pancakes?

You're going to make breakfast for your family on the weekend. You're trying to decide what to make, so you ask your family this.

OK, who wants pancakes?

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You can use "OK" before you ask people to make a decision. When you start with "OK", it prepares the listeners to pay attention to the question. For example:

OK, let's decide where we're going. James, what do you think?

OK, who's going to ride with me?

Who wants (something)?

Ask "who wants ___?" when you're asking a big group and just want to see the number of people who want something. You can also ask other questions to a group in this way:

Who here has been to Seoul?

Who needs a ride?

Here are two good responses to this question:

I do!


In larger groups, the way to respond to this question is to raise your hand.